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Event info

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the 2024 OPHB!
Please check your e-mail for results. We are now recalling
for the following instruments:

  • Piccolo

  • Bass Trombone

  • Euphonium

  • Percussion

Audition packages can be found below.
Recall auditions must be submitted by Friday, July 12, 2024.

Please contact OPHB director Alicia Kennedy
at with any questions.


The Ontario Band Association is inviting every high school student to audition for the 20th annual Ontario Provincial Honour Band. 80 of the province's high school musicians will be selected to take part in an intensive four days of music making. The experience includes our rehearsal camp, concerts, and the annual performance at the Ontario Music Educators' Association conference.


Dr. Shelley Axelsson, conductor of the 2023 OPHB: "My experience with the OPHB was amazing and one I still think about all the time!  The musicians were so prepared and generous and having the time together at camp provided a unique bonding experience that enriched our music making.  The fact that we had multiple concerts also gave us a change to practice the skill of performance, which is very rare.  Thank you to all the students AND everyone involved in the organization of this great ensemble!"


This sensational four-day event (November 6th–9th, 2024) promises to give participants the experience of a lifetime. Based at the Salvation Army Shoreline Camp in Jackson's Point, Ontario, on the shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe, the 2024 Honour Band will be conducted by Dr. Jacqueline Dawson from the University of Manitoba. We continue our amazing work with Yamaha Canada Music to provide the OPHB with world-class soloist, Christopher Gongos (horn). 


We look forward to hearing your students' auditions. The audition fee for the Ontario Provincial Honour Band is $10. If students are successful in auditioning for the ensemble, a $385 participation fee is required. If you have further questions, please contact Alicia Kennedy (



A $10 audition fee is due at the time of registration. Should your audition be deemed successful, a $385 participation fee is required. The deadline for the 2024 OPHB has passed. We are recalling auditions for piccolo, bass trombone, euphonium, and percussion. Recall submissions are due by Friday, July 12, 2024.



  • Scales as instructed in the audition package. Please record scales/arpeggios in ONE recording per scale.

  • Woodwinds, brass, and string bass: scales as instructed in the package, plus either two of the provided etudes, or one of the etudes and one solo piece of your choice

  • Percussion: all scales and etudes provided


  • Ask your band director and/or private instructor for assistance in selecting and preparing your material.

  • Please do not speak on your recording — you do not need to introduce yourself or what you are playing.

  • Please do not record the submission in a video format.

  • Please include the scales and corresponding arpeggios in a single audio file.

  • Thoroughly listen to the audio files before you submit them to ensure there are no mistakes and that the quality of sound is acceptable.

  • Your recording should demonstrate tone quality, technical facility, and musicality.

We have updated the unit design for every teacher to include the audition material as part of the curriculum in any music class. You can make it work for your students' specific needs as well! The auditions work very well for the musicality and technical range of any grade eleven student.

Playing Requirements


OPHB Horn Etude A

OPHB Horn Etude A

Play Video
OPHB Bassoon Etude B

OPHB Bassoon Etude B

Play Video