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The OBA is run by a dedicated group of individuals whose work includes areas such as leadership, administration, logistics, communications, and a variety of support roles.

We invite you to get involved!

Explore our opportunities below.

Current Opportunities


It’s ELECTION SEASON for the OBA! The 2023 Annual General Meeting at OMEA’s Synergy conference in Niagara Falls will welcome Matt Rodnick as the OBA’s new President. All Executive and Directorship positions are open for any member in good standing to apply. If you’re interested in joining the OBA, now’s your chance! Are you the next fresh face on the OBA Board?

The DEADLINE to apply for a position is October 13, 2023. Interested applicants should send an email expressing their interest to Lynn Tucker, at


Where the incumbent is intending to stand for election, this has been noted below. 




Secretary (IWS = Incumbent Will Stand for election) Membership Director (IWS)

Industry Director

Provincial Band Festival Director

UTSC/OBA Small Ensemble Festival Director

Laurier/OBA Honour Band Director (IWS)

Capital Region Elementary Honour Band Director (IWS) Western Intermediate Honour Band Director (IWS)

Ontario Provincial Honour Band Director (IWS)

York/OBA Beginning Band Symposium Director (IWS) York/OBA Wind Conducting Symposium Director (IWS) Capital Region Wind Band Symposium Director (IWS)


All Positions of Responsibility are accepting applications from interested members. Where two or more applications are received, the Board of Directors will interview all applicants and recommend one for appointment to the position. Where the incumbent is intending to apply for the position, this has been noted below.


Communications Co-ordinator (Incumbent Will Apply) Elementary Music Education Advocate

Advancement Co-ordinator

OBA-CBA(On) Liaison (Incumbent Will Apply)


The OBA values the voices of representation from across the province, and is looking for members to serve as Regional Representatives for the following areas:


Conseils Francophones

Near North


Golden Horseshoe



"Friends of the oba"

Applicants interested in applying to the Friends of the OBA initiative should fill out the form below.



Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

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