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oba small ensemble festival


Live: April 11-13, 2023

Virtual: April 6, 2023


MARCH 25, 2023

University of Toronto Scarborough

1265 Military Trail, Scarborough ON


Choice and level of repertoire is as inclusive as possible: any genre will be welcomed and adjudicated and is up to the preference of the teacher and students. Flex Band arrangements played in a smaller group (i.e. under 8 players) would also work well. For more ideas, please see the provided list of repertoire suggestions below!


This is an excellent opportunity for students to obtain external adjudication on their performances. All entries are eligible for an adjudication, optional rating, and a chance to qualify for MusicFest Canada - The Nationals, 2023 or 2024


Students will receive thoughtful guidance, suggestions, and feedback offered by our adjudication team. Adjudications will focus on overall musicianship, ensemble specifics such as blend, and balance, and technical/fundamental considerations of the chosen repertoire. Each group will receive feedback from TWO adjudicators: One written, and one live adjudication in front of the group immediately following their performance.


Teachers require an active OBA membership and may enter as many ensembles as they'd like.


Registration Fee: ---------------------------$60.00 per entry (up to 15 minutes of music/2-3 pieces)


On behalf of my team and myself, we look forward to seeing you at the festival in April. Questions?

Please feel free to contact the festival director, Shashi Ramu at

Virtual festival requirements/info

The deadline for virtual submissions is April 6, 2023 via private youtube link upload or dropbox audio/video file transmission. Both video (MP4/MOV/AVI) and audio (MP3/WAV) submissions will be accepted. Recordings for each piece can be uploaded and saved to Youtube as private, and the links submitted on the registration form.

The Title/Composer/Arranger/Publisher information for each performed piece will be required, but participants will NOT be required to submit copies of the music, digital/scanned/or otherwise.  Average/recommended playing time is 5-10 minutes of music. (Maximum playing time is 15 minutes.)

*Students are encouraged (where possible) to use any recording device available to them (including phones) and perform/record video as a live group. However, virtual (i.e. Soundtrap, acappella) mixes will also be accepted. It is therefore possible for a single student (covering multiple voices and mixing/editing to submit an entry).

Each group will receive written feedback from TWO adjudicators.

​The targeted date for returned virtual adjudications/feedback is May 1, 2023.


The festival will take place on campus during the days of April 11-13, 2023. New for 2023: multiple performance stages which will allow us to accommodate and facilitate different/more groups!



The Title/Composer/Arranger/Publisher information for each performed piece will be required and directors/schools will be required to submit TWO licensed/authorized copies of the music scores. If these are arranged by students, please print 2 copies from your arranging software. 

Average/recommended playing time is 5-10 minutes of music. (Maximum playing time is 15 minutes.)

Equipment/room setup info is forthcoming in January 2023

suggested resource list

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