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session 4

part 1: Breaking news with shashi ramu

Wed. June 17, 2020 

3 - 4:30pm

Shashi will provide a short update from the industry regarding resources and relevant products which are in development, initiatives and solutions regarding usability and copyright, and the world of digital print music/instructional materials and how all of this will be accessible to Ontario (and other Canadian) instrumental music educators.

part 2: keeping our collective heads in the game during those

lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer

It's almost here - summer. Yes! We all deserve a much needed break from the screens and to reenergize as September will be upon us before we know it. With business not as usual, and with so much uncertainty and change thick in the air, how do we sustain our momentum ensuring we will be ready with a toolbox of new teaching strategies come fall? And how do we encourage our students to keep music-making throughout the holidays so they are still engaged at the start of the school year? Join our network of colleagues to co-create a digital bank of ideas and resources from which we can draw to set us up for the greatest success.

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