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session 2

Band and Tech,

What the Heck?!

Wed. June 3 

3 - 5PM (1.5 hr session and 30mins Q&A)

Open to all

If there's one thing we've learned these last few months, it's that online band rehearsal just isn't a thing. There are a myriad of platforms and apps from which to choose but limitations in place regarding what we're permitted to use. Further, equity and access in all our diverse contexts are real concerns. What then, are the best options available to us for delivering a robust program of musical experiences for our students? And what do we need as educators to ensure we are prepared and well-versed in a palette of technologies that support our goals and objectives? The OBA welcomes Andrew Mercer, online music teaching and technology expert, to lead us through the maze of options and to help us make the best informed decisions for our programs.

recording of session 2

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