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All ensembles will be allotted 20 minutes of onstage time (15 minutes for B100 groups), including setup, tuning/soundcheck, and transitions between pieces. In most cases, this will be enough time to perform two pieces of music, or possibly three short pieces. At least one selection must be from either the 2024 OBA PBF syllabus (available below) or the 2024 MusicFest Canada concert band syllabus at the desired grade level for adjudication (i.e., the grade level at which the ensemble is registered). The other selection(s) should be of contrasting material and should be at or around the same grade level as the syllabus selection(s). Finally, at least one of your selections must include substantial lyrical material. This can be a piece that is entirely lyrical or one that contains a substantial lyrical section or movement.

Notes: If you are intending on taking your ensemble to MusicFest Nationals, that festival will require you to perform at least one selection from their syllabus (titles which are only on our PBF syllabus will not satisfy their requirement).  The OBA PBF syllabus requirement can be satisfied by choosing a title from either syllabus list, but the OBA only provides adjudicator scores for titles from our PBF syllabus, so you will be asked to provide two copies of the score for any pieces which are not on our syllabus, including any titles that are only on the MusicFest syllabus.

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