Details for the upcoming OBA Instrumental Music Festival are coming soon.

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The OBA Provincial Music Festival has long provided band students across southern Ontario an enriching, educational festival of the highest quality. At the same time, the UTSC/OBA Small Ensemble Festival has offered a wonderful opportunity for small groups to perform in a non-competitive festival environment. This year we are combining our two events into one musical adventure - with two divisions.


It is our distinct pleasure to present the 19th Annual OBA Instrumental Music Festival. Given the incredibly challenging circumstances band directors are all facing this year, we feel it is crucial to offer a rich and exciting festival experience for music students across the province.


To meet this year’s challenges, the OBA has created a combined Instrumental Music Festival – an experience that provides the opportunity for any combination of instruments or style of music. Open to all levels, sizes, and types of ensembles, this special format allows participants to choose their preferred experience and receive a performance adjudication safely under current health directives. Such combinations might include, but are not limited to: duets, trios, and chamber groups comprising bucket drumming, world and folk musics, concert bands, string groups, rock/pop, and jazz ensembles of any size or instrumentation.


We are aware the quality of your ensemble’s performance may be impacted by the quality of recording technology used, audio and or video editing process, software, and expertise. The mission of this festival is to support musicians making music. Our team of adjudicators will provide your students with a positive, enriching clinic, with focus on supporting and encouraging your musicians during this unusual time. The adjudicator will offer positive feedback, and engage your student musicians within your desired mode of festival participation.

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OPTION A – Pre-Recorded Ensemble Submission with Recorded Feedback


Ensembles (2+ participants) submit a pre-recorded audio and or video (digitally-combined parts accepted) for recorded adjudication. Submission can be made any time between May 21st and June 4th, 2021. Your adjudication will be provided within two weeks of submission.


We ask that your recording be no longer than 15 minutes (with no minimum). You will receive approximately 15 minutes recorded adjudicator feedback (total adjudicator time commitment – 30 minutes)



  • Small Ensemble Division (8 or fewer players)

  • Large Ensemble Division (9 or more players)



 $50 entry fee for either division (must be a current member to participate)

  •  I am currently a member

  • I need to renew my membership (clicking this button will take you to our member registration link)

OPTION B – Pre-Recorded Ensemble Submission with Real-Time Adjudication


An opportunity for ensembles (2+ participants) to share a pre-recorded audio and/or video (digitally-combined parts accepted) with an adjudicator, followed by an adjudication, in real time. Participants will attend a 30-minute online session where they will play their audio and/or video for the adjudicator and receive feedback. All members of the ensemble should be present. The date and time of the online session event to be mutually arranged between the ensemble and adjudicator. This option may take any time between May 21st and June 11th, 2021.


We will arrange for your pre-recorded audio and/or video and clinic to be approximately 30 minutes in total.



  • Small Ensemble Division (8 or fewer players)

  • Large Ensemble Division (9 or more players)



$60 entry fee for either division (must be a current member)

  • I am currently a member

  • I need to renew my membership (clicking this button will take you to our member registration link)


  • Additional $40 workshop fee (members) – total adjudicator time commitment – 60 minutes

Event Rundown



Further details regarding audio and or video submissions, formatting options, and other logistics will be provided by the end of April, 2021 (registration closes on Friday, April 16th, 2021). 


All recordings submitted for the festival will be held secure by the Ontario Band Association, and shared only with adjudicators for the purposes of evaluation.  No components of any recording will be shared outside of the festival committee and adjudicators, nor will any components of any recording be used for promotional purposes.  All submitted recordings will be deleted from the OBA’s storage once the festival is completed. Finally, the OBA will only hire adjudicators who have completed a Confidentiality Agreement that is consistent with school board policy regarding online guests.




Digital, legal versions of scores are welcome if available. If a conductor’s score is unavailable our adjudication team will be fine to accommodate. 




The festival will still be awarded to all participating ensembles, reflecting their participation in either division. These certificates will be available in either digital or hardcopy form. 





Traditionally, the Concert Band festival requires ensembles to choose one selection from our festival syllabus. This year, we will not require a syllabus selection. 


Similarly, there will be no festival ratings this year. We are excited to celebrate the music-making your students have been engaged in. All ensembles will receive a beautiful festival certificate.

We encourage pieces by Canadian and diverse composers in your repertoire selections. 




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Caswell largeensembledivision@onband.ca or Angela Mantie smallensembledivision@onband.ca